TECH 2014 - Hard Working Class Heroes
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The companies participating in this year’s showcase are:


Rehearsal 365

Finding rehearsal space is a common problem for bands and one that Rehearsal365 is trying to solve with a new centralised site that allows rehearsal studios to advertise availability and enables bands to book rooms.



Emeraz offers artists customizable websites that are connected to a worldwide music network. Each website stands alone but as a group they come together to create a stronger network.



Producing an event is challenging especially when there are a number of stakeholders involved. VisiLit helps to keep everyone in the loop with its Virtual Venue event design and production software. It brings everything together in a 3D virtual environment so that all involved can collaborate ensuring that a shared vision is built.



Gigstarter reduces the risk for acts and gives fans a say in where a gig takes place. On Gigstarter, acts share when they’d like to tour, fans pledge to buy tickets saying where they’d like that act to play and once the acts confirm the date the pledgers credit cards are charged and the gig is on.



ProTunes links music and media professionals looking for music to use in their productions to those creating it. It uses search technologies to filter its database of music from production libraries, labels and independent artists.



Fanpic creates a multi-million-pixel photo of a crowd attending an event, which fans can tag themselves in and share with friends so they can go beyond just saying ‘I was there’. FanPic provides branding and data capture opportunities, it also enables organisers to run competitions or treasure hunts after the event.



Inflyte offers a mobile solution for music promotional campaigns. Record labels, PR companies and publishers can upload press releases, artwork and audio files to an app and invite tastemakers to receive these updates either in the app or through pop-up notifications.


Cirquit is a mobile and desktop platform that connects promoters who want to let people know their event is on with an audience on the lookout for something to do. Cirquit combines traditional outdoor advertising, like billboards, with with cutting-edge technology to deliver a unique user experience.


No-fi Collective

No-fi Collective is creating an online social environment where original content provided by users can be treated as a valuable commodity. Through incentivisation it is aiming to encourage the promotion and patronage of art, culture, expression and interests.


Thursday 2nd October


Location: NDRC Launchpad
Each of the selected companies at HWCH14 launchpad will pitch their idea / company to a room of investors, VCs and their peers
Public attendance is limited email for a place in the audience


10am Rehearsal 365
10.20am Emeraz
10.40am VisiLit
11am Grapevyne
11.40am Gigstarter
12noon ProTunes
12.20pm FanPic
12.40pm Inflyte
1.00pm Cirquit
1.20pm Nofi Collective
1.40pm LUNCH