2004 Archive - Hard Working Class Heroes
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HWCH Debate- Seminar Schedule Panel Title: The Re-Emergence of the Indie Date: Saturday 4th September Venue: Arthouse, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Hours: 11.00am – 1.00pm Host: Angela Dorgan (fmc/HWCH) Panellists: Ben Leahy-Red Flag Records Phil Catchpole-Chrysalis Records Paul Barton-Perfect Songs Publishing Julian Hargreaves-Independiente Records Is the Music Industry as we know it changing before our eyes? Is it better to release your own stuff? How are the Indies responding and does it all mean we may be returning to the Halcyon days of labels developing bands? We bring you independent labels and publishers from Ireland and the UK to tell us what’s what! ———————————————————————————————————————————- Panel Title: Media: The do’s and dont’s of getting yourself out there Date: Saturday 4th September Venue: Arthouse, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Hours: 2.00pm – 4.00pm Host: Angela Dorgan (fmc/HWCH) Panellists: Emma Harney – Entertainment Architects Jenny Houston – 2FM Alison Curtis – Today FM Alan Byrne – Late Late Show, RTE Kevin Courtney – Irish Times How do I get my album or single reviewed? How do I get on TV? Who do I tell about my gigs? How can I get Airplay? How will I know? We collect the leading lights from tv, radio and print to give you the inside track. ———————————————————————————————————————————- Panel Title: Management: The engine room behind the talent Date: Sunday 5th September Venue: Arthouse, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 Hours: 12.00pm – 2.00pm Host: Angela Dorgan (fmc/HWCH) Panellists: Eddison Waters, (Laura Isabor) Bernadette Barrett, (Damien Rice) Dave Cronen, (Iain Archer) What does it take to be a manger? How does an Irish manager make their band big in other territories? Why is Ireland such a hotbed for managers looking for talent? ———————————————————————————————————————————- Invited A+R and Industry for HWCH 04′ Alan McGee Company: POPTONES Alan Wills Company: DELTASONIC Nikki Harris – Label Co-ordinator Alex Close Company: POLYDOR FICTION Barry O’ Donoghue Company: SONY MUSIC IRELAND Ben Leahy Company: RED FLAG RECORDS Ben James Company: ALTERED STATES Bernadette Barrett Company: MONDO MANAGEMENT Conor O’ Flaherty Company: LAKOTA RECORDS / V2 Dan Keeling Company: PARLOPHONE Daren Dixon Company: BMG Darrin Woodford Company: CHRYSALIS Dave Ambrose Company: SANCTUARY Dave Cronen Company: TRUST MANAGEMENT Dave Gilmour Company: ISLAND Dave Massey Company: SONY USA Dave Wibberley Company: JIVE ZOMBA David Field Company: BMG Dougie Bruce Company: UNIVERSAL Feidhlim Byrne Company: MusicControl George Tyekiff Company: EMI Gerald Philips Company: Independiente Harry Lloyd-Jones Company: VIRGIN Hugh Murray Company: SONY Hugo Bedford Company: EASTWEST Ian Johnsen Company: MUST DESTROY Julian Hargreaves Company: INDEPENDIENTE Joel Harrison Company: ISLAND James Endeacott Company: ROUGH TRADE James Mullord Company: 1234 RECORDS Jamie Davis Company: TRANSCOPIC Jim Chancellor Company: POLYDOR FICTION Jimmy Smith Company: PARLOPHONE Joel De’ath Company: EASTWEST John Reid Company: WARNER Ken Allen Company: Polydor Kevin Doran Company: V2 Kieth Wozencroft Company: EMI Korda Marshall Company: ATLANTIC Lincoln Elias Company: SONY Malcolm Dunbar Company: V2 Matt Jagger Company: MERCURY Matthew Rumbold Company: EMI Max Lousada Company: EAST WEST Mike Pickering Company: BMG Miles Leonard Company: PARLOPHONE Nathan Thompson Company: PARLOPHONE Neil Ridley Company: BMG UK and Ireland Nick Shamansky Company: 19 Paul Smith Company: BLAST FIRST Paul Ablett Company: Vex Management Peter McGaughrin Company: CLINTONS Phil Catchpole Company: CHRYSALIS Phil Howells Company: MERCURY/CITY ROCKERS Phillipe Ascoli Company: VIRGIN Ricardo Fernandez Company: SONY INTERNATIONAL Robbie Ashdown Company: ISLAND Roger Trust Company: BEGGARS BANQUET Saul Galpern Company: ALTERED STATES Seb Chew Company: POLYDOR Simon Williams Company: FIERCE PANDA Stephen Bass Company: ISLAND Steve Proud Company: EAST WEST / ATLANTIC Stevo Berube Company: Berube Communications Teresa Raeburn Company: BMG Vaneesa Ball Company: POPTONES