Hard Working Class Heroes | 2008 Archive
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A Lazarus Soul
The Aftermath
The Ambience Affair
Angel Pier
Armoured Bear
Mark Austin
The Beat Poets
The Brothers Movement
The Cades
Carly Sings
Nick Carswell & The Elective Orchestra
Class Of 1984
Ollie Cole
The Dagger Lees
Deaf Animal Orchestra
Dolbro Dan
Dublin Duck Dispensary
Exit: Pursued By A Bear
Fighting With Wire
Valerie Francis
Grand Pocket Orchestra
Halves / Headgear
Heartbreak Cartel
The Holy Roman Army
Hooray for Humans
The Hot Sprockets
Kill Krinkle Club
The Kinetiks
The Last Tycoons
Le Galaxie
Lines Drawing Circles
Little Xs For Eyes
Mackerel The Cat
Tom McShane
Fiona Melady
The Minutes
Walter Mitty & The Realists
More Tiny Giants
My Brother Woody
Nakatomi Plaza
New Amusement
Noise Control
Not Men But Giants
One Day International
The Followers of Otis
Panama Kings
The Parks
Pocket Promise
The Rags
The Revellions
John Shelly and the Creatures
So Cow
Sounds of System Breakdown
Sparks Fly
The Spook of The Thirteenth Lock
Super Extra Bonus Party
Supermodel Twins
Sweet JaneTidal District
Tiger Empire
David Turpin
The Vinny Club
You’re Only Massive


Sat Bisla / A&R Worldwide

Adam Lewis / Planetary Group

Matt McDonald / CMJ

Una Johnston / SXSW

Larry Little / From The Future

Paul Quigley / CMW

Joel Harrison / Party Approved

Nick Robinson / Kobalt

Elliot Aronow / RCRD LBL

John Gillian / Vosotros

Kevin Patrick / Matt & Kim

John Epsom / Sons & Daughters

Niall Muckian / Fight Like Apes

Alexis Vokos / HAL

Justin Moffat / The Blizzards

Will Abramson / Imeem

Mark French / Muzu.tv

Dougie Bruce / Universal Publishing

Keith Johnson / IMRO

Stevo Berube / Berube Comms

James Foley / Record of the day

Stuart Thomas / Scottish Arts Council

Caroline Winn / Scottish Arts Council

Johnnie Craig / Journalist

Shilpa Ganatra / Journalist

Barry O’ Donoghue / Sony BMG

Tanya Sweeney / Journalist

Phil Udell / State Magazine

John Cadell / Phantom 105.2

Cathal Funge / Phantom 105.2

Feidlim Byrne / Nielsen Music Control


2.00 – 5.00 PM
Saturday 13th &
Sunday 14th September

PANEL ONE / Saturday 13th September / 2.00 – 3.00PM.

Just what do you need to get in to the US of A. How do you meet the right people? How do you build a story and who can you call on when you’re out there? Well, ask this panel, they’ll know

Sat Bisla, Head of A&R worldwide and MusExpo
Adam Lewis, The Planetary Group, US
Matt McDonald, Showcase Director, CMJ
Una Johnston, SXSW
Larry Little, From the Future Management US
Paul Quigley, Director Canadian Music Week
PANEL TWO / Saturday 13th September / 3.30 – 4.30PM

The times they are a changin’ Major Labels are slashing jobs and running for the hills! Lets talk to the people plotting alternatives routes.

Joel Harrison, former Island records, now Party Approved
Nick Robinson, Kobalt Music Publishing
Elliot Aronow, RCRD LBL
Domino Records (TBC)
John Gillian, Vosotros, LA
PANEL THREE / Sunday 14th September / 2.00 – 3.00

Who’ll let the dogs out?? Who’s going to get you what you want in the world of 360 deals? Who’ll protect you from deodorant ads? These guys might know, some international and some local management

Kevin Patrick, Matt and Kim
Larry Little, ex Killers
John Epsom, Sons and Daughters
Niall Muckian, Fight Like Apes
Alexis Vokos, Hal
Justin Moffat, The Blizzards
PANEL FOUR / Sunday 14th September / 3.30 to 4.30pm

Well actually it’s more like a show and tell / workshop

Both Muzu.tv and Imeem show you what they do and how you can make money from it while RCRD LBL demonstrate how they’re facing the challenges of the digital age by creating a collective of labels (and launching the careers of some great bands in the process!)

Will Abramson, Imeem
Mark French, Muzu.tv
Elliot Aranow, RCRD LBL